Is your client looking to access the equity in their home without impacting their primary mortgage interest rate?
HTEM has you covered.

A stand alone equity second that allows homeowners to access the equity in their homes without losing their low interest rate firsts.

  • Loan Amounts up to $350k
  • FICOs starting at 660
  • O/O Full Doc max 90% CLTV
  • O/O Bank Statements max 85% CLTV
  • N/O/O Full Doc max up to 85% CLTV
  • N/O/O Bank Statement max up to 75% CLTV
  • Use original appraisal within 12 month or 2055 Drive-By
  • Combined Liens up to $1.5MM
  • No Assets required
  • Max DTI up to 50%